Hilarious Job Titles Kenyans are Giving Themselves


I am not a watchman,I am a Surveillance Officer:Kenyans will always find something to put a smile on your face. I happened to bump into this list showing the job titles people are giving themselves.. Quite hilarious.

1.ShambaBoy- cku hizi anaitwa Landscape Executive,

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2.Mhudumu wa mapokezi/Receptionist – anaitwa Front Office Manager,

3.Karani wa Hati Mkato/Typist – anaitwa Printed Document Handler,

4.Mhudumu wa Ofisi/Messenger – anaitwa Business Communication Conveyer,

5.Mwalimu wa Muda/Temporary Teacher – anaitwa Associate Tutor,

6.Muuza Kahawa/Coffee Boy – anaitwa Beverages & Refreshments Manager,

7.Mzoa Taka/Garbage Collector – anaitwa Environmental Sanitation Technician,

8.Mlinzi/Guard – anaitwa Surveillance Officer,

9.Kahaba/Prostitute – anaitwa Practical Sexual Relations Officer,

10.Mwizi/Thief – anaitwa Wealth Distribution Officer

11.Dereva/Driver – anaitwa Transport officer,

12.Housegirl/boy – anaitwa Domestics Manager,

13.Mpishi/Cook -anaitwa Food Preparation Officer,

14.Mbea/Gossiper anaitwa Research Assistant.


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