Open letter to Raila Odinga-wake up from fantasy land

Focus on the beauty of Kenyan diversity; ethnic, language, religious and regional boundaries, to strengthen national identity and unity. Our diversity should be our strength but not our weakness. Photo | NATION MEDIA GROUP

I would like to take a moment to inform Mr Raila that he has been in the ‘cloud-cuckoo-land’ for far too long.

It’s high time he wakes up from his fantasyland where he has been optimistically out of touch with reality.

The days are gone when Kenyans were enticed by political gimmicks and comical theatrics.

When he sees multitude turning up for his rallies, he should not be fooled to think they are coming to listen to his rhetoric but rather to enjoy his comic moments.

While the freedom of speech is enshrined in the Constitution, responsible leaders exercise it as sacrosanct.


If Raila is the statesman he claims to be, this is the time for him to use his influence and means to educate the masses on the imperative for national unity, harmony and cohesion.

He should be at the forefront of preaching peace, love and unity.

Mr Odinga, wake up from your dreamland. Kenyans have seen this movie before. Kenyans have been fooled for too long. We refuse to be fooled again.

For many years, you served in the government. Which development policies were implemented to uplift the people of Kibera from poverty?

Kenya cannot afford to be in perpetual electioneering mode. Does Raila understand the social-economic implications of these rallies?


The Western leaders that he often refers to respect the office of the presidency and always willing to share the ideas whenever they are called upon.

Al Gore, John McCain and latest Mitt Romney do this with a lot of maturity and with the interest of every citizen at heart.

Al Gore and Romney went back to private business where they are making differences across the globe.

John McCain, a lifetime civil servant went back to the Senate to bolster opposition and fight for republican policies.

They don’t force dialogue or issue revolutionary threats but use government institutions to advance their agenda. There comes a time when the interests of the country are more important than an individual.

The policies of any government are not like instant coffee where it’s brewed and consumed at the same time; rather they take time.

Therefore, the Jubilee Government should be given time to execute its agenda.

Let us capitalise on the beauty of our diversity; ethnic, language, religious and regional boundaries, to strengthen national identity and unity.

We should not allow anyone to break this unity for their own good. The commonwananchi love and care for one other.

Our diversity should be our strength but not our weakness! Twajivunia kuwa wakenya (We are proud to be Kenyans) and should live in peace, love and unity as bestowed in our national anthem:

Let all with one accord,
In common bond united,
Build this our nation together,
And the glory of Kenya,
The fruit of our labour,
Fill every heart with thanksgiving.

By Vincent Njenga 

Vincent Njenga is a Kenyan who lives in Dallas Texas.

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