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This afternoon I made an impromptu visit to the Machakos Level 5 Hospital to check on services given to patients and general state of the facility.

I was impressed with the standards it has achieved so far. The hospital is clean, patients are getting attended to faster, patients’ diet has improved, essential medicines are available at the hospital and doctors are motivated to serve the people. All these have made the public regain their trust in the hospital.

The Hospital serves an expansive region and much will be done including upgrading it with ICU, Renal Dialyses services, oncology services to cater for cancer clients and a new 10 bed private wing to ensure that it gives the best services expected of a hospital of its calibre.

My administration is also:

· Equipping all hospitals in the County with modern medical facilities, equipment and adequate drugs.

· Improving the health infrastructure by upgrading and building new dispensaries, health centers into community hospitals with maternity facility, mini theatre, laboratory, X-ray and modern inpatient facilities.

· Provision of all required consumables and healthy working environment.

· A new countywide electronic health record system so that No patient document will ever be lost or misplaced.

Dr. Alfred Mutua


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