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Kalonzo apologises to journalist over ‘ethnic slur’-SomeoneTellKalonzoMusyoka”

Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has publicly apologised to QTV journalist Kennedy Murithi following remarks he made to the journalist during a past press conference.

Mr Musyoka said he was apologetic to Mr Murithi and all Kenyans who felt offended by the comment he made on April 24, 2014, during a press briefing.

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He was speaking at Kariene Catholic Church in Central Imenti, Meru County, where he attended Sunday Mass together with Mr Murithi.

The journalist had asked Mr Musyoka what the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (Cord) would recommend as a solution to the “failures” of the ruling Jubilee coalition.


But Mr Musyoka asked the journalist to first identify himself and then refused to answer the question, dismissing him for having a name that “betrayed” him.

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Social media users accused Mt Musyoka of tribalism and “#SomeoneTellKalonzoMusyoka” was the trending phrase on social media platforms for a couple of days.




“Many people went to social media and told me all manner of nasty things. Some even wished death for me, but today I want to say how sorry I am to my son, Mr Murithi, and all Kenyans at large,” he said.


The opposition leader called on Kenyans to shun negative ethnicity, saying it was dangerous to the unity of the country.


He urged Kenyans not to be divided across tribal lines and asked them to embrace unity at all times.


“Tribalism is the biggest crime that has infiltrated this country. We also need to embrace forgiveness as there is need to galvanise unity in this country because we only have one Kenya for all of us,” he said.


Mr Murithi said he had wholeheartedly forgiven Mr Musyoka for the ethnic slur.




He said Kenyans should embrace the culture of forgiveness, which will go a long way into laying a firm foundation for national unity.


“I have forgiven my friend, the former VP, and ask all Kenyans to embrace forgiveness because it is only at such a time we will move forward as a country,” the journalist said.


Fr Peter Mutwiri who presided over the Mass said the country should embrace the spirit of reconciliation.


Personal issues, Fr Mutwiri said, should not be allowed to derail the development of the whole country.


“We should also pray for the country. Everyone has a responsibility in peace building and reconciliation,” he said.


Mwingi Central MP Joe Mutambu, who accompanied Mr Musyoka, asked all Kenyans to respect each other for the country to prosper.


Fr Peter Mutwiri reconciles former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka (left) and QTV journalist Kennedy Murithi at Kariene Catholic Church on July 20, 2014. PHOTO | KENEDY KIMANTHI | NATION

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