VIDEO: US Woman Scammed By Kenyan Boyfriend Whom She Plans To Marry

VIDEO: US Woman Scammed By Kenyan Boyfriend Whom She Plans To Marry
VIDEO: US Woman Scammed By Kenyan Boyfriend Whom She Plans To Marry

Sarah says she is madly in love with a Kenyan man who is almost 20 years younger than her and she hasn’t met in person – and she plans to divorce her husband, leave her four kids and go to Africa to marry him.

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“This is much more than a midlife crisis,” says Jennifer, adding that this type of behavior is totally out of character for her Christian sister. “If this is the true Sarah, then I don’t know my sister at all.”

The sisters’ parents, Brenda and Jim, say they, too, fear for Sarah’s safety.
“Sarah doesn’t even have a clue of what she’s getting herself into if she moves to Kenya,” Brenda says.

Jim adds, “My biggest fear is that she will get on a plane, go to Africa and we’ll never see her again.”

On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear how Sarah explains her behavior. And, Dr. Phil sends a team to Kenya to look for Kevin. See what they discover. Is Kevin real? Check here to see where you can watch.

VIDEO: US Woman Scammed By Kenyan Boyfriend Whom She Plans To Marry

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  1. Julio says

    That marriage was dead before Kevin got into the picture if you listened well, be happy it’s Kevin who the world knows now, knows his location, knows he is a pastor, knows he is some so though fake, he has an orphanage and has no where to hide. I don’t know why everyone jumps on the woman’s side and not Kevin’s. At the beginning she told him she is going through a divorce. So she has 4 kids, Kevin has 31kids in his orphanage. You judge whoever you want but total 31+4=35 kids will be affected.

  2. Sarah nelson says

    Oh my goodness! Let her leave! She is just a stupid woman who is selfish. She does not care about her children. I hope she can’t have any more children: that gene pool can’t continue! If she gets a disease or is beaten or killed while in Kenya, we can all say ” I told you so”. She is not a rational person and there is nothing anyone can do. She is not worth stressing over. She seems very uneducated and maybe every mildly mentally retarded. She make poor decision and has a poor grasp of consequences.

  3. Anonymous says

    I think the women is very uneducated and selfish to not only endanger her own life but her children, to travel to another country to meet a man she never met or knows. No judge will give her 50/50 custody her husband should divorce her and file for full custody of their kids and let her leave alone. I think what the young pastor from Kenya is doing goes against the Bible to destroy a marriage I mean they had problems sure. What marriage doesn’t? But to also break up a family over lust? I agree with the husband he probably is using her to gain citizenship in the United States once that happens he will probably be unfaithful or leave her. I was appalled by her appearance on Dr. Phil leaving her husband after 18 years to go to a country stricken with poverty and diseases and bring her kids along. I hope she came to her senses and attempted to save her marriage. Did Dr. Phil do a update on this story?

    1. Anonymous says

      None of you know Africa. I do. Not every place in Kenya is dangerous. The news always points out the dangers everywhere so you have no understanding of a country and are afraid of what is unknown to you. I saw so much ignorant fear in the faces of those who have never been to Africa or probably lived out of their comfort zone and I hear the same in what you all write.
      I think you are all bigoted because he is black and, you are all scared of what you don ‘t know. You think Kevin isn’t capable of loving and being a kind, understanding, loving husband. Hello! Men there are very protective of their women. None of you, nor Dr. PHil understands that when Kevin says all the women are after money, it means that he has never experienced real, unconditional love like Sarah has expressed. It is true that the majority of African women all over that continent have marrying a rich husband as a priority. Many are poor so a man with money is a necessity. Other women just like money, like in the USA. What he was saying is that he never knew a woman so interested in what he was doing and his feelings.

      Not all poor African men are scammers. You can see he is not one. Is there something wrong that he would like to come to the US? So that is a sign that he is a bad person? Sarah told him she was unhappy and divorcing but you go and accuse Kevin of breaking up a family, not being Chriatian? really? How easy and convenient.
      I didn’t get the impression Sarah was simple minded or whatever you suggest because you don’t understand her. I believe she was just quiet because she knew there was not one person who could or frankly wanted to understand her. To me she just looked “knowing”.
      She didn’t say she was leaving her children. She wanted to go to Kenya and possibly have a life in both countries (marvelous) and then see how the kids felt. Bet you they would have fallen in love with Africa.
      As I write this, much will have transpired and I really wonder what happened with the 90 “trial”. and after. I so wonder if she did end up with Kevin and it worked out would we find out on Dr. PHil?

      Sarah I send you love and wish you luck. If you found a happy reconciliation with your husband, wonderful. It would certainly make things easier. If by now you met Kevin and are happy, also wonderful. If you met him and found you couldn’t make a life together, better to know. I very very much doubt he was scamming you.

      P.S. Anonymous,
      Lust? Oh dear, you have never known love if you can’t even distinguish it from lust when you see it.. Do you say that because Kevin mentioned sex over the phone? . Well some people know sex as a natural part of love. You seem to see it as something dirty. You reveal so much about yourself. If Kevin were just after sex he would never had mentioned it.

      1. Me says

        You accuse others of bias while your comment is loaded with bias. Some call that irony, I prefer the term hypocrite

  4. Leah says

    So did they get married? It’s march 19th 2018

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