Diaspora:Start an Export Business-How to Sell Things from America to Kenya

After years of buying Chinese items that are of questionable quality, there is a growing African middle class now looking for high quality items found in the west especially in the United States and Europe. Although many of these western products are produced in China, it is important to understand that they are not Chinese products but American products manufactured in China. For instance, the fact that the IPhone is manufactured in China does not make it a Chinese product; it is an American product manufactured in China, by Chinese people under US supervision


How to Sell Things from America into Kenya, Uganda Tanzania Rwanda

An export business entails taking goods from one country and sending them to another country. The people best positioned to do this type of business are the Diaspora. This is because they tend to live in two countries at the same time; that is mentally in their country of origin and physically in their host country. They therefore easily see the potential in both places; and also because of being closely knit to family and friends back home, they get to know which things in demand back home. If you are Diaspora, you probably already know about the demand for American goods back home from social conversations with friends and family or even from occasional home visits. This supply and demand variation between your home and host countries can present a business opportunity that can be very rewarding. It is that simple. The easiest area of penetration is marketing goods and services directly to the emerging middle class in developing countries in Africa. These goods include the luxury brands, household goods, fashion items, sports gear- including fitness equipment, computer devices and gaming systems; the list goes on. Economies of countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Ghana have been booming increasingly.  The emerging middle class in these countries have extra spendable cash and are therefore able to pay to get what they want. As an African Diaspora living in the United States you have an unlimited potential to market goods and services to your home country simply because you know what is needed back home. Leveraging on the global American influence makes it even easier for you to market your goods.

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Prior to the explosive Indian economy, the Indian Diaspora remitted millions of dollars back home which helped its economy to come up. In 2007, a US research consulting company, McKinsey & Company did studies and identified an emerging middle class of people, 50 million people called seekers and strivers, able to buy a refrigerator, scooter, TV, Stove and live comfortably. This is roughly similar to the class of people in the US that have an income of more like $23,000 to $118,000, which is middle class by most developed-country standards. This study prompted massive investments by US companies into the Indian subcontinent and the rest became history. India is now an economic powerhouse and has become the global IT centre.


Multiply your remittances by exporting goods rather than sending raw cash


When you remit cash back home, it is not only expensive through fees and other unwanted deductions but also uneconomical. If you were to look for items to sell back home and then export them over, you will sell them for more that you paid for them, thereby multiplying your money in the process. You will also create employment by having someone sell those goods for a commission. There is a host of US stuff that is in great demand back home. You can sell beauty products including cosmetics hair products, lotions artificial nails and nail polishes. Clothing and fashion items are also in great demand because of the superior US quality.  You just need to get creative and informed from your market and you will know the right items to buy and send or export.


How do I market them?


In today’s global commerce, ecommerce is the easiest way to get a catalogue of items listed priced and sold. Through a robust US Ecommerce centre site specially designed for the Diaspora looking to venture into export business, you will be able to start your export business in a matter of a few days. You will be able to get your very own online store setup where you can easily list your items, by taking their pictures with your smart phone or camera, describing them and pricing them competitively. Thereafter, advertise your store by sharing your online store link through word of mouth, Facebook, twitter, instagram chat with your family and buddies back home. There is an amazingly large market for so many things right here in your backyard!   Once someone wants to purchase an item from your listings, they will simply click on the item and pay via our payment gateway using MPesa, Visa or MasterCard. Once a purchase take place you will be immediately notified to avail the items for pickup, and then your funds will be released to your account. The goods will then be forwarded to the buyers by ocean or air freight.


How do I send them over?

The most economical way to ship is by sea. It takes longer than air but it has great advantages. For starters shipping by air is expensive due to weight and volume whereas shipping by sea goes by volume. Although shipping by sea is slower, one can overcome this time difference by successive shipping so that the difference will be a monthly frequency at the receiving end once the first two months are done.


Go to http://www.howtosellthingsfromamerica.com for more information on becoming a seller and you will become an exporter of American goods! It’s never been easier.


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