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Romantic Last PHOTOS of Lovers Who Died in Kisii Accident

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VinnahMorangi and his boyfriend Duncan Nyanaro

Among the eight university students who perished in the Kisii accident on Friday night, was one couple.
21-year-old Vinnah Morangi and his boyfriend Duncan Nyanaro had planned for the perfect weekend but ended up losing their lives together.
They were schoolmates from Kenyatta University.

Morangi was a 3rd year Bachelor of Education student, while her boyfriend Duncan had just recently graduated from the university.

Just days before the accident, the two had been on a romantic photo-shoot. Here are some pics.




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  1. C says

    God have mercy. Demons of lust and other familiar spirits at work. Not ordinary romance

  2. Anonymous says

    Rest in eternal peace Duncan

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