Duale warns Jubilee governors not to support referendum


Majority leader in the National Assembly Aden Duale has Saturday warned governors in Jubilee coalition not to support the on-going push for a referendum.

Speaking at fundraising for Al-Furqan Madrassa in Masalani Garissa County, Mr Duale said Jubilee governors who are supporting the referendum by the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (Cord) risked losing party sponsorship.

“I am telling governors from the Jubilee coalition that you cannot support this referendum calls by Raila. If you do then you don’t have an option but to follow him,” he said.

Mr Duale said the Cord leader was suffering from an election hangover noting Kenyans were tired of empty politics.

He warned all governors who have declared their support for the referendum that the Jubilee coalition would not tolerate then.

The opposition leaders have called for a referendum on what they say are critical issues concerning Kenyans.

Ijara MP Ahmed Ibrahim Abass (ODM) has broken ranks with his party leader on the referendum push and the call to remove Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) troops from Somalia.

Mr Abass told his party leader Raila Odinga that the country cannot be in campaign mood every time adding that Kenyans needed development.

On KDF, the lawmaker said his constituency borders the war-torn of Somalia and the people of Ijara knew only too well the problems coming from the neighbouring country.

“We are even calling on the government to add more troops to aid those who are there. We will not support the removal KDF from Somalia,” he said.

Other leaders present during the fundraising ceremony were MPs Ibrahim Sane (Garsen), Abdinoor Mohamed (nominated) and Ali Wario (Bura).


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