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CONTROVERSIAL Othaya MP Mary Wambui has once again sensationally claimed that she is still married to former President Mwai Kibaki.

She was prompted by a former Mayor of Nairobi, Nathan Kahara, and a Kiambu MCA, Mburuti Kinuthia, who, introducing her at a public function, referred to the politician as Wambui wa Mwai.

“There is nothing wrong what has been said by the two. I am still married and I have not returned to my father’s home,” she told the crowd during a harambee at ACK St Stephen, Kiambururu Village, Githunguri.

She was accompanied by Nairobi Women’s Rep Rachel Shebesh.

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“I stand firm but people can say what they want. I have not been asked to go back to my father’s home,” declared Wambui as the crowd applauded her.

President Kibaki has previously strenuously denied being married to a second wife, despite widespread speculation that Wambui was his second wife in addition to former First Lady Lucy.

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Although officially denied the status of a wife, Wambui was provided with all the trappings of a presidential spouse, including armed bodyguards and limousines, throughout Kibaki’s full-term tenure (December 30, 2002-April 9, 2013).

In 2009 Kibaki called a media conference at State House, Nairobi, where he threatened to sue anyone repeating allegations that he has two wives, saying the claims had put him in a “foul mood”.

“The media have been reporting that I have another wife or wives. I have only one wife,” he told a rare news conference as Lucy stood beside him, grim-faced.

“I have gotten in this foul mood after listening to some statements that were made yesterday, the other day or even recently. I want to say that anyone who is bent on that course will see me in court,” warned Kibaki then.

The President’s comments came after former MP Paul Muite claimed that the government ordered a raid on a local newspaper in 2006 to stop it publishing a story on Kibaki’s family.

In February last year, presidential security blocked Wambui from joining President Kibaki as he inspected the construction of a police station in her village of Munyange and a dormitory in nearby Othaya Boys’ School.

Wambui’s rival in her parliamentary race, Gichuki Mugambi, was openly backed by Kibaki’s son Jimmy.

Gichuki was allowed into the school function as Wambui protested outside the gate. Wambui complained that despite her donation of 40 computers to the school, she had been locked out of the premises.

In January last year, her supporters took to the streets after TNA tried to deny her a nomination certificate, despite her winning the exercise. She eventually succeeded Kibaki as Othaya MP and she also won the subsequent court battles challenging her win.

Wambui’s family has previously claimed that Kibaki married their daughter in 1972 under Kikuyu customary law and that they have a daughter, Winnie Wambui, also known as Wangui Mwai.

In 2004 media reported that Kibaki had a second spouse and no sooner had the news broken than State House released an unsigned statement to the effect that Kibaki’s only immediate family was his wife Lucy and their four children.

During the function on Sunday, Wambui spoke about various issues, ranging from the referendum to advising young people to stop drinking alcohol.

“The youth should stop drinking alcohol. Instead, go and borrow money that has been allocated to constituencies and do business with it,” she advised.

She also appealed to Kenyans to be tolerant of each other, saying the constitution guarantees the right to live and own property anywhere in the country.

“Kenyans should be free to live and work anywhere. If you find land in Luoland, buy it and if you get a wife from there, there is nothing wrong, go ahead and marry her,” she concluded.


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