Meet the Chaser: Shobhana Trivedy, the Mentor

Meet the Chaser Shobhana Trivedy, one of the liveliest and equally youthful person’s at Chase Bank. When you interact with her, she oozes of beautiful and encouraging words. She’s a banker by profession and has been in it for the last 25 years.

She studied in Nairobi and went to Arya girl’s school where she finished her secondary education. She says, “frankly speaking I never attended any University. I attended private colleges and took up small courses in secretarial, sales and marketing. Initially I started as a secretary in Pan African Bank and climbed up the ladder through experience.”

Her dream in life is to be a counselor and a mentor to as many young persons as possible. Currently, she mentors a lot of young people in Chase and in her social life and circles. She has very many people who inspire her in life. However, today’s generation which is technology savvy and smart inspires her the most. The marketing team at Chase with their skills sometimes also baffles her.

Her health matters to her most and she’s passionate about the people around her. Her favorite Chase habit is, going the extra mile, while what would be the most annoying thing around her workplace is people acting hypocritically.

When asked what’s her story? This is what she had to say, “I could write a book about me. I was born brought up in a humble Hindu family. My maiden name is Vadgama. I was born in Nakuru, so that makes me a Kenyan damu.  I am a single parent with three adults. God first, my sincere hard work and initiative helped me to educate my three children up to university level. They’re all degree holders. My daughter Deepa has a masters in internal and foreign trade, my second son Vijay is an IT degree holder and Kunal my last born, is a Molecular Biologist, an agriculturist and a chef by profession.

I worked in three different places in a day to bring my children where they are today. I needed to do this because I did not get an opportunity to study when I was young. I see my dreams in my children today. I am a peoples’ person, public relations is in my blood. I am a kind person and my close friends call me an emotional fool.  I love talking, singing, painting, arts and crafts’. I am a party animal.”

To a new Chaser, she would say,

“Chase is a place for one to grow because the management puts a lot of emphasis on professionalism. Chase gives the staff the opportunity to educate themselves and further their quest of learning.”

For Shobhana, life at chase is about working smart and not hard. That is what she’s doing.

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