WOW: MCA wants spouses compensated for ‘loneliness’

EMBU, Kenya, Aug 27 – A Member of the County Assembly of Embu now wants the Senate to introduce a monthly allowance for spouses of the county representatives.

Runyenjes Central Member of the County Assembly (MCA) Steve ‘Simba’ Munene argued that their spouses should be compensated for the time they spend in loneliness as their partners are busy conducting “county business.”

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He was speaking in the assembly chambers while debating a speech delivered in the House last week by Embu Senator Lenny Kivuti.

Munene said the Senate must acknowledge the importance of ward representatives and accord them the necessary perks commensurate to their jobs.

“For devolution to take off well, the welfare of MCAs should be looked into well; let their spouses have some allowance because if I get home at midnight, I will not be suffering alone; my wife is also suffering because my presence is missed,” said Munene.

He said that the National Government, Senate and the Council of Governors were all courting MCAs in exchange for their support on the various stands on the referendum and said all the promises were welcome.

“I also discovered that they are saying that they may offer us car grants, mortgages, bodyguards… is this when they are realising that our security is important?” he wondered.

Munene also faulted the Senate for what he termed as reluctance to perform their mandate and sheer laxity when dealing with county issues, adding that he would, in fact, support a referendum that would call for the abolition of the Senate.

“I’m left wondering whether the Senate is the Upper House or the Lower House or even a side House of Parliament. I will support the referendum if there will be a question on whether the Senate will remain or should it be scrapped because if you cannot protect the Equalisation Fund for the counties, then we wonder why you even sit at all,” said the MCA.

“I usually follow their Motions at the Senate, and I’ve discovered that they are the same kind of Motions that we table and discuss here. Then what is the difference between the Senate and the County Assemblies? It is a repetition of what we do here; they should be scrapped to save taxpayers money and empower those at the grassroots,” he continued.

Munene also slammed the National Assembly for what he said was a deliberate move to derail devolution, saying the Constituency Development Fund should be placed under County Governments and the MPs banned from meddling in county affairs.

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