Resign if you do not want to be accountable, DP Ruto tells Governors


Deputy President William Ruto has told leaders who do not want to account for the use of public resources and are using the push for referendum as a cover up to resign.

He said some of the governors allied to the Government who are pushing for referendum have audit queries on resource allocated to their counties and have refused to account for the same.

“If you want to serve in this Government and you’re not ready to be accountable pack you bag and go,” said the DP.

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Ruto added that the Government is firm on matters of accountability and will not negotiate with any leader who is not ready to.

He added: “Accountability is not something requested of us but it is a demand of the constitution and of the people of Kenya. Accountability is not about political power it is about what constitution expects of all leaders irrespective of our political affiliation.”

“We want to tell every leader in the opposition and in the government that all of us must be accountable in accordance with our laws,” said Ruto.

Addressing faithfuls during the official opening and dedication of AIC Gathiriga, Gatundu south Constituency, Kiambu County, Ruto said the Government is determined to ensure openness and accountability.

At the same time, the Deputy President said leaders in the previous government who will be found to have misappropriated public funds irrespective of their position will be investigated and charged.

Dismissing CORD leader Raila Odinga’s claims that Jubilee administration misappropriated public funds, Ruto said: “Those who were there then must prepare themselves to account for the funds as we ask of every leader in the national and county government to be accountable for the resources put at their disposal.”

He told CORD leaders that they will not distract the Government from its resolve to demand for accountability of all public funds nor will they slow down the development agenda.

“It is just a matter of time that they will be answering questions before the accountability institutions in our country,” said Ruto.

“We will stand firm for the sake of Kenyans and will not be distracted by some few idle individuals pursuing selfish interests,” said Ruto.

“There are people who thrive and build political careers out of confrontations, violence and anarchy and we cannot go that way.”



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