Video:American Woman Walks 160 Miles To Raise Money for Kenyan Church

Hakuna Matata Tembea: A Charlottesville woman is helping out a local church one step at a time.

Fay Painter is raising money for the Africa Lighthouse Baptist Temple in Albemarle County.

She is doing so by walking more than 160 miles along “El Camino deSantiago” from France to a cathedral in Spain.

She is calling it the “No Worries Walk,” or the “Hakuna Matata Tembea” as it’s called in Swahili, the language that many people at the Africa Lighthouse Baptist Temple speak.

She says that the journey may get tough, but it’s all to help a church in need.

“I’ve been helping Africa Lighthouse Baptist Temple and knew that they had a need to raise money to buy this church building,” says Painter. “I decided to add that aspect to my pilgrimage, so it would not only be a physical and spiritual journey, but also a philanthropic one.”

It will take her two weeks to complete the walk, only carrying her 13 lb backpack full of supplies.

Painter hopes to raise $100,000 for the church building and as of right now she is half way to her goal.

To help in the fundraiser you can check out the link under the picture.

Walk to raise funds

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