The first barefooted sandals only festival in honour of our veterans will be held in Kenya on December 19th 2014, Kiambu county, Ndumberi Golf Field.  The event is  organized by the Diaspora community. A group of Kenyans are travelling to attend and participate in the event.


On understanding that the elderly people in Kenya are at times treated like second class citizens leading to increased social stigma of this class of Kenyans, the Diaspora Wazee Kenyan Festival organizers realized the need of reassuring the elderly people in Kenya that they are an important part of our society. The need of appreciating them is more urgent now than ever before.

The festival is organized to honor our veterans and the elderly in the Kenyan community for their great effort and service in developing the country. This is to reinstate the fact that the elderly are not forgotten and they will never be forgotten.

The festival day will educate, inform and entertain the elderly. They will interact with the young, professionals and leaders from all walks of life. Among the areas of interest are health care where free consultations and free advice will be given, legal advice, and investment enlightenment among others.

As young Kenyans who believes in the promise of the potential of our Great Nation the diaspora organizing committee want to invite you to partner with us to make this day a success.  Lets join hands as we show our gratitude and  give back to our society.


Fashion Show

Free medial advice

Free Legal advice


Rope pulling (Wazee Diaspora verses Kenyan Wazee)

Musical chairs

Backward walking Race


Best Regards,

North Carolina

Nancy Fuhr,  Chairperson,  Diaspora Wazee Kenyan Festival

Phone: 919-480-5564:    Email: [email protected]


Rosemary Mwangi,  Secretary   ,  Diaspora Wazee Kenyan Festival

Phone: 919-904-1948:    Email: [email protected]



Charles Aburuki, Diaspora wazee Kenyan festival

Phone: 7073969907 Email: [email protected]



George Ngeru, Diaspora wazee Kenyan festival

Phone:  6513995644:  Email:[email protected]



Nick Gacheru, Diaspora wazee Kenyan festival

Phone: 6038126486: Email: [email protected]


The Lifestyle Company:    KENYA:   Email: [email protected]:



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