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Fast Forward, William Ruto already in 2022

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday evening handed power to his deputy, William Ruto, and left Harambee House as a civilian.

Mr Ruto, on the other hand, left the building an hour later as the country’s Acting President.

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Moments after addressing Parliament, President Kenyatta had walked side by side with his deputy to Harambee house accompanied by dozens of MPs and senior government officials.

A crowd of milled both sides of Harambee avenue. The President acknowledged their cheers. Mr Ruto smiled. The duo soon disappeared into Harambee house. It was 4.35 pm.

A crowd of MPs and senior government officials including cabinet secretaries remained chatting at the lounge.

About 30 minutes later, Uhuru Kenyatta emerged.

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MPs and Senators lined the entrance and stretched hands. Mr Kenyatta walked through, shaking hands.


A grey Mercedes Benz that bore private registration numbers was waiting for him. Normally, he would have left in a convoy of ten cars and six outriders. This time, just two cars followed him.

He sunk on the car’s back seat. He was a private citizen now.

Acting President William Ruto remained behind, holed in a brief meeting with senior officials that took over an hour.

Journalists camping outside stood, got tired and sat on the green grass behind the parking lots. The MPs on the other side kept chatting, laughing and shaking hands again and again.

Meanwhile, the crowd outside Harambee house kept swelling.

Six presidential outriders waited outside, alongside the Acting President’s shiny limousine.

William Ruto emerged. Excited MPs and Senators again lined at the entrance and stretched hands.

Mr Ruto walked through, shaking hands. He entered the limousine. Sirens blared. The crowd cheered .

The Acting President was now in power.

Hours later, Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen tweeted: “Fast Forward to 2022.”TODAY” will be replayed….when @wsruto will be inaugurated” It’s @WilliamsRuto.”

Acting President William Ruto waves to a cheering crowd outside Harambee house on October 6, 2014. PHOTO | BILLY MUTAI

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