Luo Council of Elders and Rongo MP turn heat on Raila

Dalmas-OtienoLuo Council of Elders Chairman Ker Riaga Ogallo and Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno have told ODM leader Raila Odinga to retire honourably from the country’s elective politics

The two said the former Prime Minister has vied for Presidency three times and failed, so it was time for him to let others contest.

They further complained that Raila has overseen many years of underdevelopment in the Nyanza region due to opposition politics. This had led to the side-lining of the region from successive governments.

Speaking in Rongo Constituency during the burial ceremony of Otieno’s step mother Eucabeth Anyango, the two blamed Raila for politically undermining progressive politicians from Nyanza, now being viewed by ODM as rebels.

They questioned Raila’s style of governing, which they said had allowed continued in-fighting, an issue they said has seen the opposition scuttled.

“Raila has outlived his usefulness and has nothing new to offer area residents. The Luo community has always remained in the opposition because of the rebellious nature of its leaders,: said Mr Ogallo.

The elder asked Raila to allow multi-party politics in the region if he wanted to stay relevant as a true democrat he has been over the time.

Selfish interests

He warned ODM leadership against taking a hard-line stance on leaders who are working with the government of the day.

With regard to the violence that was meted on Kapondo Kaspul MP Sylvance Osele on Friday, Ker Ogallo blamed hooliganism, which he said was being propagated by a few party officials with selfish interests.

“What we witnessed on Friday at Oyugis was very unfortunate. It is not right for some leaders from Nyanza to brand their brothers as moles when they are on a mission to bring good things for our people. The same critics have no immediate solutions to challenges facing the people who elected,” said Ogallo.

He told Luo intellectuals and church leaders to come out and defend the fundamental rights of residents instead of watching from a distance as the community is misguided.

Regarding the new party Otieno is yet to unveil, the elder said he was sure it will have dominance over any other party in the community and the country at large.

He told Otieno critics to give him a chance because he has wise ideas of making Nyanza a prosperous region.

Mr Otieno wondered why the community kept on fighting reigning governments, making the region to lose out on development.


He claimed Raila’s move to convene a meeting on a day when Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero was fundraising for a worthy course was to kick out those perceived to be sympathising with the ruling Jubilee Coalition.

“We need to change our style of politics and allow people to exercise their democratic rights of joining any party without intimidation,” said Otieno.

By Stanley Ongwae, The Standard

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