Prayer predators: A wake up call, not a gateway to mock the church!


“Nothing travels faster than the speed of light, with the possible exception of bad news.”

So interesting how bad news (relative) go trending in the nick of time. Then you realize that there are very many creative minds out there, waiting for such  moments  to fill us with laughter. Regardless, whether good or bad, news come and go just like any other season. But do we take any lessons with us?


So it is 3.10 pm ( ha ha ha seriously).  My  class has ended and I remember I was to follow up on a story, this was after all my friends were posting statuses that had to do with 310. Some made it sound like fun, on the other hand others painted it scary. I couldn’t resist watching it.  I was taken aback, what I saw was not even the last thing I would expect to see; that however is not important. The most important thing is the lessons learned and the way forward if any.

So what lessons did I learn from that?

  1. Any man that has no understanding of God will do anything to go up. Free and cheap money will lead many to compromise, to manipulate by all means. The don’t mind using the name of God, after all, they have no understanding of Him.
  2. It is easy, very easy to point fingers and condemn. The case will be different if we viewed things from the window of our object of condemnation. The environment we are brought up in to some extent influences our lives forever if we let it, and some times, we would even be worse if at all we were in the same condition/environment. It is better to shut up than condemn.
  3. Ignorance is costly. It is very easy to manipulate an ignorant person. Even simple logic beats that person.  In as much as the deceiver is wrong, the deceived too has a role to play. I have been deceived. I was ignorant and paid the price. Don’t be deceived. The bible is accessible to everyone, don’t wait for someone to misinterpret it for you. If you read the bible you will easily tell what kind of spirit you are listening to, you will know when it is out of line with the written word.
  4. History repeats itself, and worse to them who do not learn. This is not the first time Kenyans have been deceived, no. We do not learn, and that’s why we are an easy prey to the witty and smart. If only we took some lessons from all that has been brought to light, we wouldn’t be victims of this open deceit. It is so open, that no one needs to go to a theology school to perceive it, just mere reasoning.
  5. When all is talked about, something new comes, trends  and overshadows the former. We forget about the past. Nothing ends being done, and we remain the same. This ought to change.
  6.  The expose is not a gateway for us  to mock the church. It is a resounding bell, a wakeup call for us to open our eyes for the days are near.  Be vigilant, do not fall a victim.

There is more to that “Seeds of sin” expose than just revealing what’s happening in our world.  Little minds will curse the whole church, others will swear never to go to any church for life, never to tithe and so forth. But  Jesus forewarned us, so this is nothing new or strange.  If there’s anything to talk about, then it should be on our knees. The devil is no respecter of persons. Pray that he will not use you to deceive the innocent poor children of God.

By Liz Ekakoro:Kenyan in Ukrain/Diaspora Messenger contributor

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