Somalia confirms KDF attack in Gedo region

Somalia confirms KDF attack in Gedo region

Somalia confirms KDF attack in Gedo regionBulo Hawa (RBC) Kenyan warplanes have started targeting Somali civilians in Gedo region to react the recent Mandhera bus attack by Al Shabab militant group that killed 28 passengers, Bulo Hawa District Commissioner Yuusuf Faarax Kanti said.

The Kenyan warplanes have hit small villages on the border between the two countries on Sunday and Monday targeting herds people and their animals.

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“At least two civilians were confirmed dead and a dozen of animals including goats and camels,” the DC added.

He said the regional administration of Gedo Province complained the targeted attacks against the civilians to the officials of the neighboring country, and also raised these complaints to the Federal Government of Somalia.

“It will be injustice and disregard to human lives if you suffer from the lose of innocent lives and then you kill other innocent lives.” the DC added.

Meanwhile the community in Gedo region on Monday called the Kenyan army and their government to avoid the blindly and without objective targeting against civilians.

Kenyan military spokesman on Monday claimed that they have killed 50 Al Shabab fighters on Sunday and 45 on Monday during these air strikes, but the local sources said these attacks were killing civilians.

“Kenyans together with Somalia forces need to pursue Al Shabab by land, NOT throwing heavy bombs from air and kill innocent women and children,” Bula Hawada District Commissioner added.


Somalia confirms KDF attack in Gedo region

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