Goal setting for the New year.


The Plans of the persistent surely lead to productivity, but all who are hasty will surely become poor.

(Proverbs 21:5) NIV.


As the new year approaches, we look back at the year that is just ending and we can surely tell if it was a good year or a bad year. People’s way of rating the year’s success is based on several things but do not be deceived; it’s all based on what is important and valuable to each Person. That which we value and treasure ,we protect, we guard and shield. In the process of looking at our last year’s achievements or short comings, we should be quick in identifying those things that easily lead us to not living to our true selves. Before we cross over to the new year the first thing we want to do is getting rid of the self condemnation in those areas we failed. There is power in being able to let last year’s failures rest in peace. The bible talks about forgetting the former things and it is very easy to forget the former things when we have a hope of the new ones. Replacing the old with the new, knowing that God Himself wants to help you begin this year as if you never lived last year. He only has the power to give you a new beginning when you are willing to abandon yourself in his hands and his plan.


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Last year might not have been the best year or it may have been mediocre for you. Maybe you suffered loss, disappointment and you might be feeling like throwing the towel. You can bounce back from where your circumstances have you, you can stand up and declare new beginnings in the coming new year. You can believe in the new you. You decide today as you read this article, that this year will be the year where you get to accomplish everything you want to do better about your life. It is never too late, never too early. If you are willing to partner with the Lord in the new year regarding your life, then you are in for great things. Do not depend on your strength alone, do not rely on your own understanding, allow God to hold your hand and lead you, to the new year. If you start thinking about the road a ahead for the new year, there might be those goals that will be harder to achieve, but if you put your mind to it and stay committed, you’ll get there.


One of the reasons why new year’s goals are not a accomplished is that we often want quick fixes and when we do not see the results we easily give up. If shedding off some pounds is one of your goals then you need to develop a lifestyle that will both help you lose weight and maintain it. You can only achieve this by developing a healthy lifestyle to becoming healthier and something that you will be doing longer than just a few weeks. Lifestyle begins with habits, a habit is what you frequently do, start a new habit by repeating the action every day, at a certain time and continue that for several days months then to a year. Depending on how bad you want to achieve your goals, it can take as less as twenty one days to get a lifestyle going, and working for you.


Always think about why you started the habit in the first place, this will be your constant motivator.

It is easy to lose track and get on other things. Be persistent in getting to achieve your goals, begin small, your goals should be measurable, and achievable. Keep record of what you are doing daily in building toward your goal, if you fail, do not stop, keep going. Many have become failure-prone that we do not resist failure by trying again and again until we get what we want. We are accustomed to the voices of giants within us that that tell us, “we are nothing” , you will never make it, you will never get out of debt, never finish school, never be happy, never be rich, never be healthy. All those tormenting voices do exist but you can drown them by believing in yourself and the God given abilities that he has given you. God wants you to be a better person this coming year, he wants you to walk upright in your ways, he wants to partner with you in the very things that bother you. He wants you to take care of your body, because this is where you and him live.



So what’s on your new year’s goal list? Before you even start to write one, first take a critical look at those things that make you do well, and then those that destroy you. The self sabotaging tendencies, those characteristics that you have learned that drive you into depression, it could be friends or even relatives or your own children. Develop those areas you are strong in by feeding them, what you constantly feed grows and become healthy. Do what you love doing, be surrounded by those friends, relatives who want to see you successful those that want to build you. Start starving those habits that destroy your God given ambitions, by relearning to not practice them and this has to begin in your mind. Start by changing the way you think, what you think about and also you might want to look at some of the self development classes or books that are specific about your strengths. It is important to be well read, and reading more is something that a lot of people hope to do. Whether you are a book junkie like me who just wants to read all the books, or dislike reading but want to try and get into it, reading more is a great resolution. Do not focus on your weakness. Whenever you get in a rut of not wanting to work towards achieving your goals, look at all those that have succeed in life, those that you want to be like. Read about what made them achieve their goals, convince yourself that in order to get there, you are going to put in some work, long hours, sleeping less, disciplining yourself and creating a mental atmosphere that promotes your overall well being.


Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” -Henry Ford.

The bible says ” as a man thinketh in his own heart so is he” when you think that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you, you begin to attract thoughts of victory, your mouth speaks life, your actions change to confirm your thoughts. If you think you can achieve your goals then you will surely do. If you think you are going to fail, you’ll be putting the negative vibes out there-you are mentally telling yourself that you can’t do it, and in turn won’t work as hard as hard. One of the popular subjects now in the world is on ” how to take care of your brain” why is this important? Because if we are unhealthy in our minds then our entire life is affected. Just as the computer depends on the central processing unit to run, we need a healthy mental ability to function. Your goal setting and achievement then will depend on how much your guard your mind and feed it with what Paul talks bout in Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things”


Whether your new year goal and resolution is to start saving, overcome addiction, get back to school, eat healthy, get a better job or travel to another country or go back to country of origin, remember it will take time and your commitment. Your inner giant and outer giant might be shouting back to you on how many times you have tried, Of course it won’t be easy. Chances are you’ve tried before, but this time is your time to make it happen. No matter how hard it gets, try and focus on your progress and what sweet victory will come with your end goal. Your end goal is your end goal; don’t let others influence what is the right amount of time to get there. Take your time, stay true to yourself, and surround yourself with people who will help you, not hinder your progress. One of the things that I do not struggle with much is letting go of those friends and even relatives who become an hindrance to where God is leading me to.


Are you ready for a new you in 2015, a better you, mentally, spiritually and socially? Embrace change

celebrate the new you, create your own successful mental atmosphere and live there, invite only those who want to be citizens of your new world and enjoy your new world. Welcome the new year, set your goals and stick to them and do not forget to make them reachable. Please note that you are able and have every ability to achieve more than you might think. Till next week, I wish you a very Happy and Blessed New Year. If you are in San Jose area please come join us in one of our services.

The Lord’s Bond Servant,

Evangelist Isabella Mwango

Contact us at 408-833-6456″ vesselforhonor.org

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