Mandera attacks planned and FINANCED by the Opposition


The moment President Uhuru and DP Ruto will wake up to the fact that these attacks are well planned, well orchestrated, well financed, and carefully timed by an alliance of Muslim Expansionists, Drug Lords, and Corruption Cartels- that is when they will take decisive action.

I have repeated right before the Mpeketoni Attack, and will never tire repeating- There is an OBJECTIVE of all these well coordinated, and well timed attacks- FOLLOWED by Raila led Political Rallies aimed at causing mass action and storming of State House (As happened in Burkina Faso): These three groups want to KICK Uhuru and Ruto out of Power- and they want to Install Raila Amollo Odinga.

Why? Uhuru has totally grounded the Musli1m Expansionists Agenda by reforming the Immigration Department, and sealing the loopholes that allows the massive registration of Somali Nationals as Kenyans. Second, Uhuru has frustrated the flow of Narcotics through Mombasa, and Somalia.

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The presence of KDF inside Somalia has destroyed the Narcotic Network that enjoyed unfettered control over vast areas in Somalia. The Corruption Cartels are also fighting back for obvious reasons Before KDF went into Somalia- some Businessmen and Lawyers had excess billions- buying property left right and centre- right now, all that has dwindled.

The three groups see Raila Odinga as the ONLY hope for the restoration of the Muslim Expansionists Agenda, Free Flow of Narcotics, and Rampant Corruption.

Why would anyone with good intentions for Kenya hand over his party to a group that has very questionable sources of funding? Even the CIA has linked many of those closely linked to some key characters in the group that taken over Chungwa to Narcotics- Why would someone with good intentions for Kenya openly side with groups that have been radicalizing youth and killing Christians?

Why would anyone with good intentions take advantage of “Terrorism”, and “Insecurity” to hold political rallies round the country and urge masses to storm State House? I refuse to remain silent, and pretend that is is normal Terrorism, and Normal Insecurity.

-Written by Gordon Opiyo

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