3 Tips On How To Achieve Your 2015 Goals


Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.– Albert Einstein

OK, it’s not so new anymore. But here goes; Happy New 2015. I hope it’s been happy so far. And something’s (besides the higher digit on the calendar are REALLY new with you.

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Have you ever wondered why so many people fail to achieve their “New Year! New Me!” Resolutions?

Maybe even you have been setting resolutions in the past amidst the hype, full stomach and fireworks on New Year’s Eve…

How’s that been working for you? If you are like most of us; well…I get it so, let’s not go there.

Like billions of people on planet Earth in January; I also used to kid myself with the “New Year; New Me” empty talk.

I desired to make more money and have a fulfilling relationship, (who doesn’t?) I dreamt of writing a book, profiting from my passion, flying to sunny Kenya for Christmas every year, et cetera. Et cetera. You know, those things we dream of achieving in a life time. And all the stuff most mortals struggle with. Blame it on eating too much over Christmas, but for many of us losing weight is a default resolution in January. I was no exception (I like my food, so am still working on that one)

I had such good intentions and really wanted to seize the New Year’s opportunity to “turn over a new leaf”

But by approaching the New Year with an old mindset, I unknowingly set myself up for failure. And come December, like many others I was at it again. Consuming more food and drink than I could work out. Partying too much. Then trying to ease my guilty conscience by setting resolutions that did more harm than good…

The unproductive cycle must have repeated itself for years with no change whatsoever. Until one New Year’s Day in 2007. After a conversation with a friend; I realized that permanent change starts in our minds!

Armed with that exciting discovery I stopped making New Year resolutions. That same year, I finally wrote that book I had been singing about. My friends had started rolling their eyes every time I excitedly declared I was going to write a book! Meet my dream man, win the lottery…Same story every year. Rinse and repeat. Whatever.

But all that changed in 2007 when I discovered the power of goal-setting with a new mindset. I wrote and published my first book, 7 Steps To Success – How To set and Achieve Your Goals within 6 months!

Now am not trying to IMPRESS YOU; but to IMPRESS UPON YOU, that you too don’t have to keep spinning your wheels, year in year out. Setting self-defeating resolutions that erode your self-esteem every year when you fail to follow through and achieve your goals.

You can design your dream New Year, discover a New You and stop getting on your friends nerves.

Tune in to today’s Live By Design Radio episode # 11 and discover how 3 simple tips can help you develop a positive mindset. So you too, can achieve your 2015 goals and cultivate healthy habits that positively affect every area of your life

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