Uhuru ‘squeezes’ into Mathare with slum upgrade goodies

President Uhuru Kenyatta ‘squeezed’ into a t-shirt branded ‘Made in Mathare’ in his latest display of how a head of state should carry himself in public.

Uhuru struggled to fit into the t-shirt given to him by Mathare area MP Stephen Kariuki in the full glare of media cameras on Tuesday.

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He was launching Mukuru kwa Njenga, Korogocho and Mathare slum upgrade programmes.

The t-shirt was a token of appreciation for the youth empowerment project initiated by the Office of the President and the Devolution ministry.

In past administrations, the norm would have been for the Devolution minister to officiate the function, but Uhuru’s shift confirmed yet again that his unconventional ways are no secret.

Uhuru has revolutionised Kenyans’ perceptions of a president since taking office in 2013.

He can dramatically shift from the Uhuru of old, known from his nondescript days as Gatundu MP, Finance minister and deputy prime minister in the grand coalition government.

Uhuru and his then running mate Deputy President William Ruto pegged their massive campaign on identifying with the youth, as embodied in their unofficial campaign tag, the digital duo.

With a purely dedicated digital wing, including YouTube videos, numerous Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, win or lose, Uhuru managed to introduce a shiny alternative to the conventional disposition of heads of state.

The different style that saw him win the election has continued to add to what could be a much remembered case study of Kenya’s presidency embracing generational changes.


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