Why Rose Muhando terminated her 7-months pregnancy

Why Rose Muhando terminated her 7-months pregnancy
Why Rose Muhando terminated her 7-months pregnancy

Authorities in Tanzania have undoubtedly confirmed that gospel song-bird Rose Muhando has aborted a 7 month old pregnancy.

Muhando who already has 3 children wanted a children but the pregnancy developed complications that compelled her to terminate it.

Under Tanzanian laws, any person who ends the life of a pregnancy prematurely for reasons other than medical and health is liable to a jail term of not less than 7 years.

Muhando could have a lee-way considering her pregnancy developed health complications.

Every detail of Muhando’s case will be closely examined considering her stature and the uproar it has caused on social media.

Muhando Management Company has said that, it is preparing a statement that will be released soon.


About Rose Muhando

Rose Muhando known professionally as Rose Muhando, (born January 1976) is a Tanzanian Gospel singer, songwriter and choreographer. Many of Rose Muhando songs become very popular and trendy online with a great number of streaming and downloads on Boomplay.

She was born and raised in Kilosa district, Morogoro region, Tanzania. Muhando, a former devout Muslim and mother of three, claims to have seen a vision of Jesus Christ while indisposed on her sick bed at the age of nine, having suffered for three years, after which she was healed and later converted to Christianity.

Muhando started her music career as a choir teacher in Dodoma’s Saint Mary’s Choir for the Chimuli Anglican Church. On 31 January 2005, she won the best composer, best singer, and best album of the year at the Tanzania Gospel Music Award Concert.

In December 2005 she participated in a gospel concert to help raise funds for a Dar es Salaam orphanage. In February 2011 Muhando signed a multi-album recording deal with Sony Music. The signing was announced at a press conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, on 9 February and was the first deal of its kind for East Africa.


Why Rose Muhando terminated her 7-months pregnancy

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