David Owour“prophet” Dr David Owuor the man forcing Kenyans to worship him as an idol.

Last week I warned that idolatry is taking deep roots in this country when some people went round Mt Kenya in an anti-clockwise ritual praying facing the mountain which I called idolatry and received an avalanche of condemnation from a cross section of Kenyans.

Since yesterday in Nakuru, we have witnessed real idolatry where desperate people literally worshipped a person whom they have idolized as their god to his pleasure where they are even calling him their lord.
Desperate people washed Nakuru roads for Owuor to walk through like Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem.
When five people die in his crusade, he can’t even react to show shock. Real evil.
When these forms of idolatry take place and no one is raising a finger against them, or they seem to be torelated, it is the country that will suffer calamities.

Get it from me; Owuor is neither a prophet nor a doctor or anything. He’s just a con who has penetrated and infiltrated senior personalities in government just to access an illegal license to con Kenyans and cause havoc both spiritually and physically to Kenyans.

What has bewitched Kenya? Like the Galatians of old, who have bewitched us? From Kanyari, to Mt Kenya idolatry, then the idol called Owuor, then deaths from roads just because police are bribed to let Matatus and buses over speed without speed governors, to illicit brews killings youths in their hundreds. Who has bewitched us?

Where are the Apostolic and Pentecostal Ministers of the Gospel whom Jesus gave Power and Authority over these evils.
We must assemble as The Body of Christ to address this scaring phenomenon soonest possible.
When we were made the lights to illuminate this world, we were also made its rulers spiritually so to speak.

By Hon Bsp Dr Stephen Ndicho

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  1. Pastor Al says

    Blessings Hon Bsp Dr Stephen Ndicho,

    MAN OF GOD, Dr. David Owuor is true SERVANT OF THE LORD and GOD has revealed to many Pastors and servants who have prayed for WISDOM. He is the End-Time Prophet, preparing the way for the Glorious coming of our Lord Jesus (Malachi 3:1 & Malachi 4:5-6).
    Many of the Prophecies he gave have been fullfilled. Please visit the following website and see many prophecies that have been fullfilled; http://www.repentandpreparetheway.org
    Dr. Owuor is known for fullfilment of Prophecies he gave, standing for righteousness, Fear of GOD, Rebuking SIN and rebuking Gospel of prosperity etc.
    During the Revival Meetings, MAN OF GOD, DR. DAVID OWUOR does NOT collect offerings and many people receives healing from the LORD for free.

    Also Dr.Owuor is a Scientist by profession in medical field. There are many research Papers associated with him and you can find them Online.

    Your article is misleading and I PRAY you will REPENT for blackmailing MAN OF GOD. you must REPENT please.

    Repentance and Holiness Ministries

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