Diaspora Dual Citizenship:Changes to Immigration Rules in Kenya

Kenya immigration rules have drastically changed over  the last few months tightening previous loopholes. One of the key changes affecting those with dual citizenship or those who have acquired citizenship from foreign states. Whilst it was easy to walk through the Kenyan Air Port with an expired Kenyan passport and be allowed entry without being subjected to Visa requirements and fees, that has now changed. Following the inauguration of the new Kenyan Constitution, holders of dual citizenship or persons whose countries don’t allow Dual Citizenship eg. Tanzania   had a concession period to either apply for Permanent Residence  or have the dual citizenship Vignette endorsed in their passport. Better still apply for Kenyan passports and use the same to enter or leave Kenya.

It’s understood that Kenyans had until December to make the application . Those who have not complied with the changes are now subject to Visa regulations. Applicants whose passports do not have the vignette endorsed will now have to apply for leave to enter Kenya and pay the relevant fees applicable. What is not clear is whether once entry clearance visa is granted, the applicants will be subject to the current internal immigration changes barring foreigners from extending their leave in Kenya. It’s also not clear whether the same rules apply to children below 18 years.

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As the summer and Easter Holidays approach, it’s important for Kenyans who plan to travel to Kenya to make enquiries at their nearest Embassy. It’s important to make sure that enquiries are made before hand because clearly Kenyan Immigration Rules have drastically changed and if one does not meet the relevant entry requirements will caught out by the changes.

Those who are in contact with the embassies can lobby for an extension of time to adjust to the changes.

For more enquires, information or seek independent legal advice or contact the nearest embassy:

Rose Muigai, MartynsRose Solicitors, Vista Centre,
50 Salisbury Road , Tw4 6JQ, Tel: 0208 5381397
Mob: 07931116124

GlascoteRose Advocates, Lorhro House, Standard Street
Nairobi, Kenya, Tel:0725542875.




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