Not so long ago Daniel Ndambuki commonly known as Churchill took to his Facebook page in regards to the allegations of the rape saga involving  Imenti Central MP Gideon Mwiti. He posted a very demeaning statement questioning why the lady in question agreed to meet the MP alone and at night.(see screen shot below) In short he heaped all the blame to the victim and portrayed the man as a victim of circumstances.


 This made his fans angry and they gave him a tongue lashing and as anybody would do he issued an apology.(also see screen shots attached below) Now to me this sounds like a child stealing sugar and eating  it only for him to apologize when caught not bearing in mind that the damage has already been done.








Dear Churchill, i don’t buy your apology and any sane Kenyan doesn’t either.We all know you offered that apology to save your face. You don’t want to loose your fans and you would do anything to retain your huge fan base including swallowing your words and issuing a public apology. Any person who has ever undergone sexual abuse will tell you the statement you made  just scratched a wound they were trying to heal. Society has always been harsh to the women when it comes to rape and always blame the woman for having put herself in a position to get raped. This in turn makes many women shy away from reporting such cases or even seeking medical attention. Nine months down the line they have an unwanted baby or they have been infected with HIV.I challenge you to do something that shows you really care about the rape victims and you are not trying to just save your face.Words alone will not suffice in this instance,act Bwana Ndambuki,contribute to an abused womens shelter or something.It may not necessarily reflect the sincerity of your mea culpa but at least some good will come out of this.


Yours Trully

Disappointed Fan

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