Kenyans Condemn Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa

Kenyans Condemn Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa
Kenyans Condemn Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa: A local taxi driver is pushed around during a confrontation with foreign nationals in the Johannesburg Central Business District. PHOTO | AFP.

A majority of Kenyans have vented their anger on social media, in the wake of the ongoing Xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

They have also called for an immediate end to the injustices, whilst a section online reports say other African countries could consider economic sanctions against the country in “retaliation”.

This development occurs more than a week since a section of South Africans began injuring and killing foreigners in the cities of Durban and Johannesburg, while looting and damaging their businesses and properties.

The incidents that have left hundreds of foreign casualties to date, according to various international media houses.

“If you don’t want foreigners (in your country) you deport them, not murder them,” Sam Ore wrote on Facebook.


“Ethiopians facilitated (a) passport for (the late South Africa President) South African President Nelson Mandela by the name David Motsomayi during the apartheid period but now Africans are being killed in South Africa.”

Phil Etale added: “South Africans, the blood from even the young ones you are shedding will haunt you as a nation”

Robert Muhia inquired whether the Government “had issued advisory warnings” to Kenyans wishing to travel to South Africa.

Meanwhile, a top Nigerian politician has threatened to mobilise the country’s residents to boycott South African products.

Tom Adasanya of the All Progressive Congress confirmed to eNCA a petition on this subject had been handed to the South African Embassy in Lagos earlier this week.

“Should there be more attacks, we shall shut down South African interests here without delay,” Adasanya said.

The Government of Kenya has set up a tentative plan to evacuate it’s citizens in South Africa, a position supported by a number of Kenyans Nairobi News has spoken to.


Kenyans Condemn Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa


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