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Moi denies meeting Uhuru in State House

Arap MoiNairobi, Kenya – Former president Moi has dismissed reports alleging he met with President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy  William Ruto at State House Nairobi, even as a political storm triggered by the deputy president raged on.  DP Ruto’s claim that his rivals were rejoicing about his International Criminal Court (ICC) tribulations angered Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto, who accused him of playing the sympathy card in an attempt to divert attention from his leadership weaknesses.

Yesterday former president Moi termed a story published by the Sunday Nation alleging that he held a ‘secret’  meeting with President Kenyatta and the DP a fabrication. Moi dismissed the claims by the weekend paper and wondered what the story was meant to achieve.

“The story is a monumental falsehood. I never met President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy and I wonder what the story was supposed to achieve,” he said through his press secretary Lee Njiru.

The story alleged that Moi met with Uhuru and Ruto on Wednesday last week for four hours, two days before President Kenyatta announced a shakeup in his Government.

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“This is total fabrication,” said Moi. The former President advised journalists to verify their stories before publishing.

He said Government institutions had clearly defined communication channels and what the newspaper did was to use dubious sources.

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“Journalists should not use dubious sources in their stories but verify information from defined communication channels,” he said.

The story quoted undisclosed sources confirming the meeting yet in the same story it had been denied by Njiru and Statehouse spokesperson Manoah Esipisu.

And remarks by the Deputy President that his political rivals were praying that he be convicted of criminal charges at the ICC, so that they can prosper politically and take his place, sparked an angry reaction from Governor Isaac Ruto.

The DP’s allegations were apparently prompted by heightened political activities in the Rift Valley region involving the governor and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi among other leaders.

Ruto said the DP should not panic about a breakfast meeting that he, Senator Moi, Kericho Governor Paul Chepkwony, Narok Senator Stephen Ntutu and Kanu Secretary General Nick Salat held at Mara Safari Club recently.

The Council of Governors chairman said the DP’s assertion was strange and extremely far fetched because the same leaders he is accusing have been steadfast in supporting him over the ICC case.

“I have been with William (DP) in the case at the ICC. My record is clear even in Parliament. I still don’t believe that he has a case to answer; I know he is innocent,” said the Bomet governor.

Ruto, however, said that the Deputy President should not introduce the ICC case into his differences with other leaders. The county boss said he had pointed out concerns about the deputy president’s handling of devolution, management of United Republican Party (URP) and interference with Bomet politics.

“The Deputy President should address these issues,” he said.

He continued: “How can he purport to know what one is praying? How can he be privy to our prayers? How can he know what I pray? It is my communication with God, not even the bishop or pastor knows. He should not sink that low as to introduce issues of prayers into straight forward matters. Let him address what I have raised and stop interfering with the Members of County Assembly (MCAs) in Bomet.”

He said the DP instructed the URP top organ to sack 10 nominated MCAs with a view to installing those who would rubber stamp an impeachment process against him.

“The DP is on record saying he will deal with me politically,” Mr Ruto said.

He said the MCAs were summoned to Nairobi to face the URP disciplinary team. Ruto said the action was part of an attempt to kick them out so that new ones are nominated as part of a scheme to ensure his impeachment.

But National Assembly Deputy Speaker Joyce Laboso and Chepalungu MP Paul Bii said Ruto was digging his own political grave by opposing the deputy president

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