Woman, know your worth-A woman is naturally strong

Woman, know your worth-A woman is naturally strong
Woman, know your worth-A woman is naturally strong

The value placed on an item determines its worth. Made in the image and likeness of her creator, a woman is worth more than my words can say.  However, where purpose is unknown abuse is inevitable; physical, emotional and even intellectual abuse. She has been deemed the weakest gender and sadly she has accepted this definition of her.

Though the society has its own knowledge of who a woman is and her place, the value a woman places on herself matters the most. No one can value you if you don’t value yourself in the first place. Without self worth, one seeks the approval of others and ends up settling for who she is not. If the within is less powerful than the environment, a woman will end up doing irrational stuff just to prove what she is worth. This is unnecessary.

Rape, any kind of abuse is unacceptable. But to undress in the public in order to stop it is so illogical.  The message passed across is totally contradicting the move. A woman who understands her rights will fight for them reasonably. Freedom of speech, freedom of dressing, name them all, but all should be done in moderation and wisely. Freedom that is abused is no more freedom, crystal clear.

Both men and women have equal rights and this should be fought for, but to be equal to men is an illusion. From creation, man and woman were wired differently and till eternity they will be two different personalities. For a woman to walk around with a bare chest because a man does so is almost a mental case, if not one. Yes we are the same, but completely different.

A woman naturally is strong and her role is vital.  There are places only a woman will fit in and vice versa, it goes without  saying. This however, does not limit the capabilities of a woman. She should be allowed to explore, rediscover and develop herself to become a better part of the  society. She should be protected and above all, loved.

Woman, know your worth. Define your value and settle for nothing less.

By Liz Ekakoro:Diaspora Messenger contributor


Woman, know your worth-A woman is naturally strong

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