‘Brokers’ killing URP says Alfred Keter


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Nandi-Hills member of parliament Alfred Keter has opposed to the sacking of Nine nominated MCA’s from Bomet county by URP.

Keter said the move was hypocritical and instigated by “political brokers” out to kill the party.

The MP accused certain individuals in URP of driving the party as their own property adding that they were the ones behind internal conflict among leaders.

Keter said the action to sack the Nine among them those nominated to represent the interests of the disables has shed URP in bad light and supported the move to rescind the party action.

Speaking at Ndubusat primary school in his constituency during an education bursary funds drive, the MP said sackings had no justification since the nominated MCA’s made no mistake.

“We are putting on notice a clique of politicians surrounding the deputy president that their actions in the past two years have caused more harm to URP than good,” He said.

He said he was opposed to plans to desolve URP and migrate to JAP saying party MPs had not been consulted.

“If anyone is tired with URP, they should move out and leave the party in peace instead of campaigning for JAP and at the the same time fighting those loyal to the latter,” Keter said.

Keter revealed that in a bid to cement unity in rift valley region, they had reached out to leading Kalenjin political actors Henry Kosgey, Nicholas Biwott, Gedion Moi and Isaac Rutto to help in grafting unity.

“Why should we attempt to lock out other leading political players and hope that Deputy President William Ruto will succeed, we need all of us in one basket to move on as politics of exclusion have proved to be a failure,” Keter added.

Keter also said certain political big wigs from the Kalenjin region are assuming that by “keeping Ruto their prisoner”, they will take his place saying it would not work.

“Let’s emulate our partners in the jubilee in resolving matters in a round table instead of going public trying to arm-twist others to force them to tow certain positions, this will not work in the Kenya of today,” the MP added.

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