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Hilarious VIDEO – Ruracio of the Year as Jaymo Refuses To Oblige To Wazee’s Dowry Demands

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Jaymo dowryBack in the day, when a man decided to go visit his in-laws-to-be for the first time, he did not even need to be escorted by his friends but just a number of elderly men from his lineage. However, that is a changed case in today’s modern world.

Nowadays it is all about show off and making a grand entrance into the in-laws homestead. Speaking of which, this unnamed guy decided to be escorted by a motorcade of boda boda’s to visit his fiancee’s parents. After meeting the girl’s parents, the guy even goes further to suggest that he will only pay the dowry price through M Pesa, creating a heated argument.

Here is the hilarious clip of the funny guy refusing to oblige to wazee’s dowry price demands.

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– nairobiwire.com

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