Kenyan Men Okay With Wives Paying Dowry On Their Behalf!


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I had heard of a secluded case of a man who had not his future wife, but his father in law pay his dowry ( Basically he was paid to marry the lady) but I thought it was a one in a million case. That was up until I heard Maina and King’ang’i today on their morning radio segment discussing the same.

It just happens that this is one of the countless cases where this has happened, and the men do not seem to have a problem with this. Begs the question, will this women view their men as the provider and the family head after they pay for their own dowry?

Over the years, even with changing traditions and beliefs and women stepping in to provide for the family, one thing has remained constant and that is the man heading the house. This new development however brings a whole new perspective to everything.

I personally do not believe in dowry, simply because I do not want to feel like a commodity bought in some retail shop, and because I believe we should not equate a woman’s value with money. If the man can not afford the bride price, I say just give him the wife then when he pulls some not so smart moves like mistreating her or infidelity, then maybe..just maybe, he will have that ‘no dowry’ fact to kick him back to his senses. That is however just my two cents in all this. You can give your opinion


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