Inspiration:We must ran the race and finish it well

We all love wining in life. We watch our favorite teams play and we emotionally get in the field and cheer them up. In our son’s basket ball team games, one of the parents cheers the team with all his passion. He gets involved to a point you feel he might get into the court and correct what the team is missing. Recently at the team’s basket ball BBQ, his wife told us a story of how during one of the NBA season games between the Golden State Warriors and the Lakers, he was cheering and yelling because the Warriors were loosing the game. At one point, he yelled so loud and the neighbors thought there was a fight going on, and  they called the police. By the time they showed up the game was over and he had passed out on coach with disappointment. The police asked his wife if all was well in their house and she answered yes. The police told her why they were there and she explained to them that her husband was watching a game and things got a little out of hand. Further, she told the police that he got louder in cheering and cursing at the players on TV. When the husband was asked what was going on, he narrated to the police about his disappointing experience in watching his favorite team lose. We all love wining whether it’s in sports, arguments or even in presenting ideas, we want our ideas to win.


You might ask yourself what race I am referring to. It is the race of the life of faith, the race of faith is the center of wining all other races in life.  It is not how you entered into this planet called earth, but it’s how you will exit. You might have been born disadvantaged, weak, poor or dispersed but the opportunity to finish strong is available to all of us today. People will not remember your failures when you stand to prove them wrong by how far the Lord has brought you. So forget those things that are behind you. Run this race of life with one determination, finishing well and finishing strong. Success in the Christian life is not measured by how you start. What’s most important is whether you are standing at the end of the race. We know of what it means to finish well by evaluating the success or failure of various Bible characters. Jesus finished well and strong by doing all things well while on the earth  Mark 7:37) including dying on the cross in accordance with God’s will. Paul finished well, through hard work. He wrote, “But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified” (1 Cor. 9:27).


Your dreams and purpose in life determine what kind of race you are running at any given time in your life. To someone who has just received a report from a doctor that he/she has six to one year to live, he/she will be running  a health race. But regardless of the mini races we have to run, professionally, health-wise, marriage or family, we can agree to one thing; extreme discipline. Successful people are disciplined enough to filter the essential from the incidental. I believe that to win our race we must run in a such way that we are able to cheer ourselves up. Align yourself with those that believe in your race and have them cheer you up. When we are disciplined enough we become good at any race. Discipline calls out for endurance, you must endure hardship, if you want to be good at what you do you will have to spend sleepless nights practicing. To be good at what you do first, you must take care of your spiritual health. Feed your “inner man” food from above, reading the word as the first thing in the morning, listening to songs of worship and being in fellowship with fellow believers.


How are you running this race? what are some of the areas in your personal life that have hindered you from running this race with confidence and boldness? Do you know how to say “NO” to yourself and others so you can carry the necessary load so you can run light?

It is by being a champion of change in you.


In our next week article we will talk about how to be resilient and focused to win in this life.

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By Evangelist Isabella Mwango
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