Some Visiting Diaspora Kenyans tarnishing our name

CancelledCheckWe got this message from Kenya about a diaspora man who booked a fully furnished apartment in Nairobi and gave a bouncing check after the stay.All we can say for now is that he is from Missouri but we have withheld his name for now.Here below is the complaint.

I need some advice please. There is this man whose name is —– —–. According to him he lives in Missouri. He said that he traveled back home to Kenya because his mother was very ill in MP Shall Hospital in Nairobi. He booked a fully furnished apartment in New Trafford Apartments in Kilimani. He has been staying there with a promise that he would pay. He made a part payment and requested us to allow him to pay money to the hospital first for the hospital to continue with the treatment while he waited to receive more funds from the US. His mother was on life support but she passed on last week (now we doubt his story). Last week he gave us a cheque to cover his stay but unfortunately the cheque was returned by the bank unpaid. I understand that many people from the diaspora have been doing this which is very shameful to say the least. I know that we erred by allowing him to stay on without paying upfront. Do you think we can be able to trace him? At least he should know that what he did is wrong and that people like him are spoiling the good name of the Kenyan diaspora. I was in the diaspora until 2 years ago.

Concerned business woman/New Trafford Apartments in Kilimani

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By Diaspora Messenger

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