Boinnet issues Al Shabaab alert ahead of Ramadhan


GARISSA-ATTACK-SOLDIERNAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 13 – The National Police Service is on high alert following intelligence reports that Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab militia plans to launch deadly terror attacks in the country.

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet says the militia targets various government and learning institutions, markets, shopping malls, religious institutions and journalists who report negatively about them.

The police boss told journalists on Saturday that the militia wants to unveil their evil intentions during the Holy month of Ramadhan by abusing the essence of the period.

“We shall work with everyone to ensure negative elements in our midst are exposed to face the law,” he stated.

He said already arrests have been made as police continue to carry out high level investigations which include in refugee camps to avert any terror attack.

Police presence, he said, has especially been enhanced in the coastal region, Nairobi and the North Eastern parts of the country as they remain prone.

“Some of their wicked plans include targeting key Government installations, security personnel, journalists who report negatively about them and other Kenyans in order to sow discord amongst the citizens,” he pointed out.

The IG called on the public to avail any security information to police in a bid to ensure the country remains safe.

“Some of the evil designs the Al- Shabaab is doing include; sowing discord among peace loving Kenyans especially in the North Eastern region in furtherance of its evil agenda of alienating the region and seeking to interrupt government development programs in the region by giving false promises to the residents that by driving out non-Muslims, the region will prosper,” he lamented.

He said parents should monitor their children’s activities mostly on social media and specifically WhatsApp, Facebook and blogs since they were some of the areas the terror group was using to radicalize and recruit new members.

Police are still investigating how two Muslim girls left the country to join ISIS.

“We already know who helped them to leave the country…our investigations are still ongoing,” Boinnet said.

He said police were aware of a group working, “in cahoots with certain groups in the Coast region collaborating with Al-Shabaab to further their agenda that include some known radical and extremist groups, especially to propagate violent extremism.”

Members of the public, he advised can make use of the police toll free lines 999 and 112 to convey information of security nature for necessary action.

The IG also called on owners of various social and public establishments including the public service vehicles to ensure that they put in place any necessary security measures to ensure the safety and security of their clients.

“We shall always be on hand to collaborate and offer assistance to the public,” he assured.

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