Kenyan Authorities Issue Alert Over ‘Unsafe’ Sex Drug On Sale


The pharmacy and poisons board has issued an alert over a consignment of sex-boost drug named ‘Vega 100′ released into the market without following due procedure.  

Kipkerich Kosgei, registrar of the board said the drug consignment worth KSh 44 Million was released into the market without proper testing to ascertain its safety on users.

It is believed that the drug could have serious health effects as heart attack because they have not been tested.

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They were imported from India.

“The public, health workers and establishments including chemists and pharmacies are requested to be on the lookout for the presence of any or all the listed batches of the drugs and advised not to purchase or stock,” he said.


“Institutions or pharmaceutical outlets that have received the above batches are advised to quarantine the same and liaise with the board through our hotline numbers. We don’t understand why they were released before we could appeal the court decision.”

Court Case

According to the board, the owner of the consignment, Joshua Maithya, won a case lodged at the Makadara court where the board had confiscated the drugs from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport because they had not been registered and also needed testing to guarantee safety.

But the court ruled in favour of Maithya, saying that the drugs were actually fit for human consumption and rejected a request by the board to have them either destroyed or transferred to them for safe keeping.

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