Dixon Bogonko BosireWhat happened to Dixon Bogonko Bosire and Albert Muriuki, the young brilliant Kenyans who held very high positions in society? It has been very difficult for us to believe that the two young brilliant vocal and popular young men, would mysteriously disappear just like that.
With all that investigative skills and intelligence in USA, I am appealing to Your Excellency, President Barack Obama, to help His Ecellency President Uhuru Kenyatta, to find the two brilliant and intelligent young Kenyans.
One of them, Albert Muriuki, had just communicated to his mother through his cell phone the same day he disappeared, and it was therefore possible and easy  to trace his last moments and to determine his fate. Your Excellency, as you land on the Kenyan soil latter this month, please try hard to assist Kenyans to find their two sons.  We want our two young men.
Isaac Newton Kinity

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