Comedian Churchill reveals why he ignored DP Ruto’s call


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Top Kenyan comedian, Churchill, born Daniel Ndambuki, ignored Deputy President William Ruto’s call saying he thought the telephone number ringing him was that of a conman in Kamiti Prison.

Ruto opened up about Churchill’s rebuff when giving his speech during the launch of Jaguar Youth Empowerment Foundation Wednesday evening.

“I must confess this today,” he began.

“While I was watching an episode on Churchill Show, there were some people (pupils in the Toto’s Corner segment) who were asked several questions. Then one question was, ‘what is the difference between a vice president in the old constitution and a deputy president in the new constitution?’

“Apparently, the answer was a vice president was nominated but a deputy president was a property developer.”

According to the DP, he thought Churchill was coiling from picking his calls because of that particular response.

“Churchill, now that you are here for this launch, do not wonder why I was calling you. It is true I am a property developer,” he said, sending the whole crowd into laughter.

Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto later asked Churchill if he had actually ignored the DP, he said yes.

“It is true I ignored the call. I saw a new phone number ringing, and quickly thought it is those Kamiti prison inmates who are out to con people,” said Churchill.

He added: “I texted back the number: ‘I will call you; I know that you are in Kamiti.’ Then the DP in a bid to identify himself, texted me: “This is DP William Ruto calling. I need to speak to you.’”

“However, I was rooted in the belief that it was still the Kamiti prisoners.”

Churchill shared an experience that contributed to him ignoring the call.

“Many people have often called and lied to me; conned me of huge sums of money– so I thought the phone number was equally a hoax.”

“I texted him back. This time round telling him I am the Pope; after which I did not text nor call again.”

“I was only surprised to hear him say today (during Jaguar’s foundation launch) he indeed tried calling me and that I snubbed him.”

Churchill applauded Ruto for taking the ‘property developer’ joke lightly, saying that the act showed he is a humorous honcho.

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