Sack all Cabinet Secretaries, Ruto advisor tells Uhuru

Uhuru with cabinetPresident Uhuru Kenyatta should replace all his Cabinet Secretaries, an advisor to Deputy President William Ruto has said.

In a statement yesterday, Ananiah Mwaboza said Uhuru must ensure those surrounding him are free from corruption.

“The fact that the Presidency has been given a clean bill of health does not mean there are no corrupt servants,” he said.

The former Kisauni MP said the opposition will use the graft issue to fight Jubilee in 2017 if Uhuru and Ruto do not act swiftly to rid their administration of all corrupt people.

He said some powerful people in the presidency may be using proxies in their corrupt deals, soiling the image of the Jubilee administration.

Mwaboza blamed such people for frustrating the war on graft by frustrating the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.

“As one of the advisors, I fully back the President and the Deputy President in their efforts but they must fully empower the prosecutorial institutions and keep a wide distance from such people,” he said.


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