Alfred Mutua apologize for embarrassing Senator Ekwee Ethuro

mutua_weepsMachakos Governor Alfred Mutua has offered his heart felt apology to Senate Speaker Ekwee Ethuro for failing to introduce him during the burial of Senator Mike Sonko’s as to offer condolences on behalf of Senators.

The Senate was gravely angered by the Machakos Governor’s action which they termed as “arrogant and primitive”.

In a letter to the Speaker Mr Mutua apologized to Mr Ethuro and the house at large indicating that his actions were purely a human error.

The Machakos leader added that he had no intentions to embarrass or humiliate the speaker and that the incident was an unfortunate protocol mishap on his part.

“Mr Speaker, I kindly request that you inform the distinguished honourable senators that this was purely a human error and no ill motive was intended on my part,” said Mutua

In the letter the Governor urged the leaders to accept his apology.

“Please accept my apologies and find this letter as good and enough explanation to the unfortunate incident,” Mr Mutua pleaded in his letter.

In a Senate meeting on Wednesday evening, the legislators demanded an explanation from the Governor as to why he publicly humiliated Mr Ethuro which they were convinced was deliberate.

This comes as the latest incident in which Governor Mutua is in the eye of a political storm. He has previously clashed with other polititical leaders from the Ukambani region who feel that he is trying to woo the electorate and gain political mileage in theUkambani region.

According to Mutua, however, his critics are opposed to his outstanding ledership in the region.

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