Kenyan police are ‘ordered to go for bribes’ by seniors

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policePUBLIC transporters and traffic police yesterday traded blame for the road carnage at a forum on safety in Nairobi.

Matatu owners said police focus on collecting bribes, but police said matatu operators break the law knowingly then try to bribe their way out.

“Police do not report on the roads to enforce the law but to collect revenues for themselves and their bosses,” Matatu Owners’ Association coordinator Albert Karakacha said.

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“Each traffic officer is required to seize five vehicles and deliver Sh10,000 to their seniors every day.”

Karakacha said matatu crews are forced to break road safety rules to recover the money.

Deputy traffic boss Pius Baraza defended his officers from the allegations.

“Why have you turned driving licences into your wallets?” he said.

“Why do you put money on the doors and rear wipers?”

He said the drivers offer bribes that are higher than the fines they are likely to get in court because they know they have even forged driving and PSV licences.

MOA chairman Simon Kimutai said law enforcement agencies have failed to ensure road safety.

“The relationship between matatu industry players and NTSA is akin to that of police and a thief,” he said.

“Sometimes NTSA officials pounce on vehicles and pluck off number plates as drivers attempt to flee.”


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