Migori MCAs Spend Sh5.8 Million on Waste Management Trip

wasteMigori County Government has sparked public outrage over what is termed as an outright wastage of public funds through a foreign trip.

11 Members of County Assembly (MCAs) from the County traveled for a five day trip to Dubai at a cost of Sh5.8 Million to learn about waste management.

Among the eleven were the Migori County Assembly Speaker, Deputy Speaker, the Assembly Clerk, Majority Leader and the Minority leader.

The trip has sparked an uproar from the residents who feel the County could have hired the youth to clear the waste in the area.

Others fault the expenditure saying it could have instead been allocated to other priority projects such as health.

Even so, Migori County Governor Okoth Obado downplayed the concerns, noting that he had no control over spending by the County Assembly.

“I have no control over the legislative arm and what they do….the speaker and clerk decide on how they want to spend the funds,” Obado told Citizen TV.

This is the latest in near similar incidents where County Governments have been put on the spot over extravagant spending.

The Bungoma County Government acquired 10 wheelbarrows at a cost of Sh109,000 each, amounting to Sh1.09 Million, while Nyamira County Government was on the receiving end for spending Sh7.6 Million on the construction of a hospital gate.


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