Very Funny:Types of Africans in the Diaspora


The rapt.

They are focused on their mission. They seize every opportunity that comes their way, living nothing to chance. These people are so ambitious and full of positive energy. Being around them gives you a reason to dream.


The apt.

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Regardless of the country they come from, they are too good. Always willing to help their brothers and sisters, Africa being our mother. They will check on you, come visiting, invite you to places and want to spend time with you. They are interested in learning the diversity of their continent. They are approachable, and many are always dressed up in a smile. Aren’t they adorable?


The patriots

You don’t dare say anything negative about their country or countrymen. They will gnash you. They walk around with symbols of their flag, from bracelets to T-shirts. They could be more informed about what is happening in their countries than those who live there. These are true representatives of Africa in the Diaspora, they stand to defend. I honor and respect them.


The squandered.

Confused and lost. No sense of direction. You look at them and think it would have been better for them to stay at home and do something better. Most are drunkards and into drugs, wasted. Lavish living and extravagance. Partying here and there, prostitution for women. Mama Africa weeps for them, I sob too.


The lofty

Noble in their own way. They have eyes, but they hardly see men of their own color.  They ignore their fellow siblings like nobody’s business. Saying hello to them is calling for a blank look. They can’t understand why anyone would want to greet a stranger instead of minding their own business. It doesn’t matter whether only the two of you resemble in a crowd, to them you don’t exist. Mama Africa taught them manners, but they sold the manners to “civilization”. They kill my smile.


The forgetful

Very funny and sad. These don’t even remember where they came from. It seems like their memories get reinstalled and new files load. I don’t understand. Some forget the languages they spoke for at least TWO DECADES! In fact, others want to completely forget about their origin and spend eternity in the Diaspora. It is well with them.

By Liz Ekakoro:Diaspora Messenger contributor/Moderator-DM News Media Forum

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