PHOTOS:Uhuru promotes Kenya,‘Transported’ Keringet Water to the US

Keringet has time and again been named the best bottled water in Kenya. It’s no surprise therefore that it is the water of choice for the President and his delegation.

During his trip to the UN this week, Uhuru met several Presidents on the sidelines. In some of those pictures, Keringet drinking water can be seen on the table.

I think it’s a great move by the President to promote Kenyan brands wherever he is, and should be commended for this.

However, blogger Robert Alai disagrees. He never sees a right in the current President, and was fully in character on Tuesday when he posted on Facebook, “A broke government transported Keringet to USA to impress other heads of states. Useless!!!” 

Countries across the world stock their Embassies with products from their home nation, and so this is not uncommon. But working with Alai’s logic and assume that Uhuru carried the water, I don’t think his flight cost more because of the added weight.

But we can understand where he’s coming from. Last week he convinced everyone that the President would not travel to the UN.


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