Jubilee MPs want public officers misleading on graft punished


JUBILEE-ON-WAIGURUNAIROBI, Kenya Nov 5 – Jubilee Coalition Members of Parliament has questioned the motive of public officers behind the releasing of documents that have portrayed certain Cabinet Secretaries as encouraging corruption in their ministries.

Majority Leader Aden Duale led 10 MPs in accusing certain individuals of being behind the recent revelations that portrayed various public officers in bad light.

Duale warned all public officers to refrain from giving false information to the public as they would face the law.

“We have noticed a trend of powerful broker/vendors trying to use public officials to drive a corruption narrative against the government. The profiling is evident in what was witnessed in Parliament recently.”

“At every point, the Opposition with their collaborators fed the media with all manner of forged documents and cooked figures about the fight against corruption.” Duale continued.



“We state that there is no difference between the corrupt and those who cook and spread fictitious and imaginary figures for cheap political propaganda,” Duale told a news conference at Parliament Buildings.

The Majority Leader cited the recent appearance of the Controller of Budget Agnes Odhiambo who had stated that she did not approve the spending of Eurobond monies then later on retracted her statement saying she had actually approved it.

This came after Odhiambo told PAC that withdrawals from New York accounts were done without the approval of her office.

Odhiambo reckoned that the Treasury went ahead and paid the syndicated loan from the offshore accounts despite warnings from her office that the move would be illegal.

The MPs called on independent institutions charged with the task of fighting corruption such the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Auditor General and the Judiciary to ensure that all who have stolen from the people of Kenya are jailed after due process of law.

Duale also pointed out the confession by Devolution PS Peter Mangiti where he admitted to having submitted a document with errors to the parliamentary team left MPs shocked and convinced that the Ministry of Devolution has blatantly misappropriated huge amounts of taxpayer’s monies.

The Auditor General’s Report for 2013-14, which queried the spending and demanded a full “asset register” is what exposed the misuse of public funds. It is that copy of the register from the Directorate of Public Service Management that had all the inflated bills.


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