SOS from a Kenyan working in Jordan for help to come back home


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A Kenyan girl working as a domestic worker in Jordan has sent a distress call to her family, asking to be rescued from untold suffering at the hands of her employers.

Winny Adhiambo, 19, is working for Fatahallah Furniture in Amman. The address from google is P.O Box 10084 11151 Amman. She has been in Jordan for slightly over one year.

Adhiambo says all was well until eight months ago when the beatings began.

“The son of my boss wants to marry me by force and when I decline his overtures, he beats me up mercilessly,” Adhiambo wrote in a text messageto her uncle, David Obar, who works in Mombasa. “His parents have told him not to beat me, but he has not stopped. A day hardly passes without being beaten by the boy,” she said.

However, Binds Bench,the company that recruited Adhiambo for the job in Nairobi, denied knowledge of the suffering and declined to give more information on their recruitment. “Just text me details of the person and what is happening there and we can take it from there,” a woman referred to as Hellen told The Standard, after referring us to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“This is a powerful and rich family known all over Jordan. I cannot escape because if they find out, I will be dead,” she said, adding: “I don’t know whether I will returnhome if I don’t marry him. Communication is also a problem because the boy doesn’t speak English. If I speak English, he beats me up.”

“He doesn’t want anybody, particularly male workmates, to greet me. If they are caught talking to me, they are fired and then I am beaten up. I am tired,” she said.

“The boy is called Adnan Fatahallah. The family deals in golden furniture along Kadla Street. Look for the company that recruited me for this job to intervene,” she pleaded.

Adhiambo says her cellphone was confiscated, thus she borrows from other Kenyans.

“Meanwhile, kindly pray for me and others here. We are four Kenyans, but I am the one suffering the most,” she said. Obar appealed to the State to intervene. “This is an orphan and I  hope she will be rescued. Firms recruiting Kenyans for odd jobs in the Gulf should be reined in,” he said.


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