Why Kisumu women want to marry men from other tribes


Kisumu County women have urged men from other 41 communities in Kenya to search for their wives from the lakeside region – the same way Luo men from the area intermarry with women from other ethnic groups.

Speaking to Citizen Digital Thursday, December 10 Kisumu-based women lamented that men from other ethnic groups have locked them out as potential wives, and this has left them to marry Luo men only – an exercise they say would derail the move to curtail perennial tribalism in the country.

Rosemary Akello Omollo, 23, says she is very ready to get married to men from other regions – only that none has approached her.

“I can get married to men of other ethnic communities besides Luo. If I were to choose, I would go for Kikuyu or Taita men,” said Rosemary.

The lively lady says she’s opted for the said choices because the men are industrious.

“I’d opt for Kikuyu men because they work tirelessly; our men from the Lakeside spend way too much! If I get a hardworking man I am sure my family will never lack,” added Ms Akello.

Rosemary also affirmed the observation by several other Kisumu-based women that the city’s men marry ‘elsewhere’.

“It is true Kisumu men look for wives among women of other ethnic groups – I think the ‘yellow yellow’ colour charms and confuses them,” she said jokingly amid cheeky laughter.

I’m married, but if I were single, I’d wed ‘other’ men

Elizabeth Achieng, 30, who is married to a man to a Luo man says if she were single, she wouldn’t mind tying the knot with non-Luo men.

“If I was not in wedlock, I would have wedded a man from other Kenyan communities; preferably from the Nandi ethnic group. Their men are very calm,” she said.

Achieng adds she wishes men from other communities would reach out to them for relationships.

“I wish men from other communities could come and marry our women; especially here in Kisumu,” she told.

Susan Zulu, 35, echoes Rosemary’s sentiments that many Kisumu men intermarry with other communities; but wishes the same could be reciprocated by men from other areas.

“I have noted many Luo men prefer marrying women from other ethnic groups who are too willing to enter the interethnic unions. I think it’s because our men know how to treat women.”

“However, the same cannot be said of our women; men from other regions don’t intermarry with our women as frequently.”

Susan defended the women from the ‘besieged’ community saying they have a lot to offer.

“Luo women from Kisumu are very hard working. We know how to till farms, cook and we can do literally every kind of work.”

However, not everybody is willing to rush to the ‘goldmine’ that is men from the lakeside.

Sharon Mesendi, 28, is one lady who says she would not consider getting married in Kisumu.

“I don’t think I’d marry men from the Lakeside; because to me they are extravagant. I have tried loving some before and I am sorry I was disappointed. However, someone told me Homa Bay County men are good; I am yet to confirm,” said Sharon.

Lisie Ayuma, 25, from the Luhya community differs with Sharon.

“I am married in Luoland. I don’t see any problem with Luo men; they know how to treat their women. Even if they marry you as a second wife, they still fulfill their responsibilities,” she proudly stated.

“When I was in college, I did not prefer dating Luo men. I thought they could not fully love only one woman. However, I fell in love with a Luo man from Kisumu and he is the best. They are not as flashy as people claim,” she added.

Well, the debate of intermarriage as a solution of ending tribalism is continuously being advocated for by various groups in the country; from the testimonies given, it could be a viable answer.


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