Word For Today: Successful or Faithful

Word For Today: Successful or Faithful
Word For Today: Successful or Faithful

An elderly preacher was rebuked by one of his deacons one Sunday morning before the service. “Pastor,” said the man, “something must be wrong with your preaching and your work. There’s been only one person added to the church in a whole year, and he’s just a boy.” The minister listened, his eyes moistening and his thin hand trembling. “I feel it all,” he replied, “but God knows I’ve tried to do my duty.”

On that day the minister’s heart was heavy as he stood before his flock. As he finished the message, he felt a strong inclination to resign. After everyone else had left, that one boy came to him and asked, “Do you think if I worked hard for an education, I could become a preacher–perhaps a missionary?” Again tears welled up in the minister’s eyes.

“Ah, this heals the ache I feel,” he said. “Robert, I see the Divine hand now. May God bless you, my boy. Yes, I think you will become a preacher.” Many years later an aged missionary returned to London from Africa. His name was spoken with reverence. Nobles invited him to their homes. He had added many souls to the church of Jesus Christ, reaching even some of Africa’s most savage chiefs. His name was Robert Moffat, the same Robert who years before had spoken to the pastor that Sunday morning in the old Scottish Kirk.

In the eyes of many, this pastor may not have been successful but in the eyes of God not only was he successful he was also faithful.Everyone wants to be successful. They want to know that they have achieved something worthwhile. Often we treat ourselves as failures when we do not live up to such heavy expectations. However, there is only one true measure of success and that is faithfulness – faithfulness to God, yourself and your calling in life.

God is not looking for successful people; He is looking for faithful people. Note He says welcome home good and FAITHFUL servant, not good and SUCCESSFUL servant. When you really think about it, how would you define success? For some, success is measured by how much money one has in their bank account. For others, success is measured by how many cars one has in their parking lot, still others by how many college degrees one has earned.

For others, success is measured by one’s popularity or fame, more so in this celebrity culture that we have embraced. So, if one does not manage to have a fat bank account; or, if one does not drive a flashy car or earn a degree; or, if one does not achieve fame, does this mean that one is a failure?

God doesn’t ask that we succeed in everything, but that we remain faithful. Think about Abraham who was promised descendants as many as the sand on the sea shore or the stars in the sky, yet he only had Isaac. Was he successful? Maybe not in the eyes of some but in the eyes of all he was faithful.Some may say that the ideal situation is to be “successful” and “faithful”.

But, in the end, it seems to me that life is not about how many awards one receives or how much one owns and possesses or how famous one may become. Rather, the quality of one’s living; the courage of one’s spirit; the kindness and generosity in one’s heart and a heroic, undying faithfulness to love and goodness are the things that really matter! One who possesses such qualities may not be considered a “success” in the eyes of many.

But such a person will be regarded by all as being a good and “faithful” servant. When you die and people gather at your funeral to pay their last respects, do you prefer to be remembered as having been “successful” or “faithful”?

PRACTICAL APPLICATION:God can do a lot with faithful men. Choose to be faithful to that which God has called you to do regardless of what others may think of you.



Word For Today: Successful or Faithful

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