Isaac Kinity

By Isaac Kinity:Arrest, prosecute, jail the looters of public funds in Kenya and recover all that money they have looted. Relieving the looters of public funds their jobs and sending them home as a punishment for stealing money from the public coffers, is a mockery and an insult  to the Kenyan people. It has been disgusting to see regime after regime in Kenya, leader after leader in Kenya, play friendly games in the handling of suspected looters of public funds, while many innocent Kenyans remain in abject poverty, go hungry and many children miss school because of lack of money.

For decades now, the leaders in Kenya have been fooling Kenyans by what is actually cosmetic war on corruption, which will never end the rampant corruption being witnessed today. This  kind of pretended war against  corruption, is what supports and nurtures the impunity which the looters of public funds in Kenya, have continued to enjoy for decades. Relieving a corrupt Kenyan his/her job and then sending him/her to his/her home and/or deploying him/her to another job, is not in any way a war on corruption. The current leaders  in Kenya are not ready to stamp out corruption. Kenya needs a leader who can sacrifice his mind and soul in the fight against corruption. The current corrupt Kenyans are extremely Rich, extremely Powerful and extremely Dangerous. They can kill and they can destroy. The real war against corruption in Kenya would  not be different from the Mau Mau liberation struggles. For any leader to win the war against corruption in Kenya today, one has to be ready for total sacrifice, to die or to live.  How many Kenyans are ready to sacrifice themselves for such kind of war against corruption in Kenya?
By Isaac Newton Kinity.

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