Testimony of Kenyan woman attacked by boyfriend with a hammer in Kansas

Testimony of Kenyan woman attacked by boyfriend with a hammer in Kansas
Testimony of Kenyan woman attacked by boyfriend with a hammer in Kansas

Elizabeth Kogo’s Testimony 5 yrs After Her Tragic Story that made National News in America. On January 23rd, 2011 a quiet neighborhood in Wichita, Kansas was struck by a tragic attempted homicide that caused chills to the residents that witnessed the aftermath or saw the news in the media. That afternoon, a young woman was fighting for her life after a vicious attack.

She was rushed to the hospital in a coma; the doctors tried all they could to save her life but gave up after failed resuscitation attempts. When all hope was lost, her mother in Kenya was sent documents to sign her off life support. But thank God for the tenacity of her loving caring mother who pleaded to God for the life of her precious daughter. She refused to sign the papers and believed God for a miracle.

This is the true story of Elizabeth Kogo whom God literally delivered her life from the jaws of death. It has now been 5 years since her dreadful attack. Although she still deals with the effects of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and disabilities caused by the hammer that was lodged on her head, her resilient spirit has kept her going. She has defied all odds and through her determination and trust in God she went back to college to pursue a degree in social work at Wichita State University. She recently received a scholastic honor for her excellent academic achievement. Her hard work is finally paying off; she is set to graduate this Spring.

What is even more amazing about Elizabeth’s testimony is that nothing has deterred her from single handedly raising her son Florian as an unemployed full time student.

By God’s grace, she recently published a book, Delivered from the Jaws of Death. She talks about what exactly happened and the signs she overlooked that led her to stay in an abusive relationship. Her testimony is powerful and astounding. God has brought her this far to share with others her miraculous story of victory and triumph despite her tragedy. Her dreams may have been crushed but not shattered. At the point of death is where she found Jesus who restored her life and gave her an unspeakable joy, peace and divine purpose in life.

Elizabeth believes that indeed all things, even the bad things in life, work together for the good of those who love God. She has chosen to use her experiences to making a difference in the lives of others. Elizabeth still lives in Wichita, Kansa. She believes God will resurrect and fulfill her dreams in the same city where she almost lost her life. It takes great courage to confront one’s fears like she does. Reading her full story documented in her new book will inspire your faith in God who works wonders and miracles in the midst of the storms you may encounter.

By Pastor Boniface Gitau-Diaspora Messenger Contributor

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Testimony of Kenyan woman attacked by boyfriend with a hammer in Kansas

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